There is a funny thing that happens when I have time to rest but stop listening to my inner wisdom. I start planning for weeks into the future and telling myself that there’s only so much space for everything I need to do in this life. What if I’m idle for too long, I blink and opportunities are gone? Can you relate?

Some years ago, I made the decision to take a long break from my excessively busy life and let my body rest. My intuition said that I needed to slow down. I was tired, melancholy, and hadn’t taken a proper vacation for ten years. I was overbooked all the time, and I never took the time to heal. My body let me know that I had not chosen wisely. I had almost no energy and was struggling to make it through the day before falling exhausted into bed.

Why is it so difficult to be at rest? Is it the pace of the world sweeping us into the current and pushing us along? Is it the mind creating a sense of guilt and labeling stillness as laziness? How do we hear our intuition and honor its wisdom in a culture that is built on frenzied work?

I believe that the answer to the last question is restorative yoga. When I discovered it several years into my practice, I found a place of deep listening and true healing. Actions that had bound me physically and mentally began to unravel in the space of pause and just being. Layers of a false self were shed to reveal a mysterious and loving presence. Fatigue began to melt away and transform into sustained energy and peacefulness. My body felt light and my heart was growing in compassion.

The many benefits of restorative yoga include boosted immunity, improved mood, increased flexibility, and overall improved health. It is a practice that is accessible to anyone, and enhances both body awareness and patience. Practicing just one pose for 15-20 minutes a day can have a positive effect on one’s emotional state. In short, restorative yoga is the antidote for a life of doing too much. In this speedy pace of human existence, will you consider some time to restore?