1). Quite frankly, there is very little that I enjoy about traveling these days.  I like to get to a new place, but the process of travel itself just seems hard to me these days.  That may reflect changes in the travel industry itself, or just another indication of my own aging process as I crash into the 60’s!

2). Lighter is better.  Think not in terms of what you “must” have, but rather in terms of what you can actually “do without.”  

3) Seek out solitude and quiet where and when you can find it in the chaos of airports.  Hard to find with blaring P.A. systems and ubiquitous cell phones.  Many airports now have meditation rooms — use them, if only for five minutes.  And there are always earphones!  And, look for an opportunity to help or assist at least one other passenger as you make your way through an airport, and leave at least one smile and/or kind remark with somebody/anybody behind a service counter.  It may or may not be meaningful to the other person, but it certainly helps keep me in a right frame of mind.

4). Long stretches, deep breaths, and quiet meditation.

5) After several long trips through various parts of India, I’m now thinking of Bali…..

6). In the unbelievable category, it’s hard to beat the airline stories of manhandling passengers off flights these days.  Yikes!  Travel in peace, let things go, help where you can…..