Q:  What do you love most about the traveling aspect of your job?

A:  The change of scene and pace – it is where I get to embody and embrace yoga. Change, for me, creates churn and tapas; therefore I get/choose to learn and grow from the experiences change brings.

Q:  Let’s talk packing. What are your essentials?

A:  Yoga pants, sports bra and toothbrush… everything else is a bonus

Q:  What are your travel tips for staying sane?

A:  Go with the flow; follow the soothing rhythm of your prana; walk with love; look with compassion upon humanism; and trust you are meant to be exactly where you are at every moment of life, for we choose this path in light and in love.

Q:  What type of practice do you do while you are on the road?  What are your favorite road poses?

A:  My practice leaves the physical form and is found in the way I approach life on the road – as a mindful meditation, in awe of the newness and what is to be observed/learned away from my home. My favorite pose/shape is the authenticity of life at its finest form.

Q:  Where would you like to travel next for a yoga retreat?

A:  Bali.

Q:  Can you share with us a fun/unbelievable or other travel story?

A:  My travel story that comes to heart is my work-away trip to Jamaica with my husband Cas. In between teaching the two daily yoga classes, Cas and I would share our love for scuba diving. One particular dive I had set up as a private excursion so hubby could learn to spear fish. Unbeknownst to me, he had set up his own plan with our friend and scuba guide Cooper.  Sixty-five feet below the surface, within this beautiful cave known as the Coral Gardens, my husband proposed to me, writing will you marry me” on a chalk board. Taken by surprise, I wrote -“Yes” with a J. You can imagine the amount of excitement and energy dancing through my body from the spirit within and not a word could be spoken, only a shared look and a touch of hands. I had the next 25 minutes to surrender to the energy in my silence and truly feel the words he wrote without any response and very little reaction. Little did he realize, for this yogi, I could not ask for a more perfect love story and moment in self-reflection.