Q:What do you love most about the traveling aspect of your job?

Because I only see students once, twice, maybe three times each year, I get to notice and appreciate how their practice and how their person have grown from thinking about and doing this practice.  I also love seeing how so many different kinds of people are attracted to the flavor and depth of our practice. Each community that hosts our Pranakriya programs shares similar qualities of yogi and yoga practice, and each studio brings great diversity of people to our Pranakriya family.

Q: You often teach and lead retreats beyond your home state. What’s your advice to those attending a training or retreat in another country?

Pack lighter.  You will always need less than what you bring. It has taken me years to remember and relearn that when I go somewhere else, I go there to experience what that offers me, not to carry with me what I have already.  And for 2-14 days away from home, either I can live without it, or I will usually find ANYTHING I may want or need, or something pretty close, no matter where I am, to satisfy that desire.

Q: Let’s talk packing. What are your essentials?

SMALL bottles of liquid.  All dry toiletries in one clear ziplock, all liquids and leakables in another.
ALWAYS plan to be able to take my luggage through security, EVEN if I plan to check it.
One shirt, one socks, one underwear per day.
Little clothing I can wear several times.
Don’t bring more than one book on a trip.
When packing – leave extra room in the luggage.  Something might be coming home with me.

Q: What are your travel tips for staying sane?

Smile as often as possible.
Remember that people every where are exactly the same, and they are also completely different.
Always carry my own water.
Recycle, and bring my own travel container/cutlery.
Text my family when I take off and land.
Get off my phone as often as I can remember I want to look at it less.
Always get a window seat, and look out, up and down often.
Be grateful for ALWAYS having a safe bed, food in my belly, and people that are always looking out for me, even when I’m not aware of them.

Q:  What type of practice do you do while you are on the road?  What are your favorite road poses?

Depends on the room, the floor, how much sleep I did or didn’t get the night before, and what I am teaching that day.  Probably my most consistent practice is brushing my teeth, showering, and looking at myself in the mirror, asking myself what kind of person will I be today.  My second most consistent practice is Joint Freeing Series, Dirgha, Ujayii, Retentions, Kapalabhati and Agni Sara. 3 minutes seated silence, 3 minutes shavasana. On a good day, I might even get in some asanas.

Q:  Where would you like to travel next for a yoga retreat?

I really want to go back to Hawaii and spend 7-14 days doing pranayama in the mornings, and Thai massage in the afternoons. And I could see the same thing happening in Puerto Rico or Costa Rica, too!  And of course, I’m super excited for our trip to India again this year, if you want to join us!