First UP – Jacci

Q:What do you love most about the traveling aspect of your job?  Once I get through airport security and make it to my seat on the plane, I feel a great decompression happening.  When I am away and working I am only doing one thing, whereas when I am home there are always a multitude of things happening that require my attention.  My favorite part of travelling is doing one thing.

Q: You often teach and lead retreats beyond your home state. What’s your advice to those attending a training or retreat in another country?  Read up on where you are going.  Check on the typical weather, the bug situation, etiquette, learn a little about the culture and the history and then when you are there be open to a new experience, dive in and experience new things.  Try food that is unfamiliar, talk to the locals and discover this new place.

Q: Let’s talk packing. What are your essentials? I like to have a small bottle of face wash and my toothbrush and toothpaste with me as well as a change of socks and underwear.  If you get stuck at an airport for a long period of time you can at least freshen up.  I also always travel with bars or some other food item.  Purchasing food in airports is expensive and often not healthy.  I bring Thieves oil to put on the bottom of my feet while I travel.  My travel pillow is a must (I like the “J” pillow) as well as a yoga strap.  My back often hurts in the plane seat but if I tighten the strap around my thighs it helps.

 Q: What are your travel tips for staying sane?  I love a good book or podcast, I also bring my color pencils and coloring book.  Staying hydrated is key and I like to walk the airport.  Also, before they close the plane door, I text my son to tell him I love him, this always puts me in a good place.

Q:  What type of practice do you do while you are on the road?  What are your favorite road poses?  I try to meditate and do pranayama each morning when I travel.  If I have time I’ll do a few rounds of sun salute.

Q:  Where would you like to travel next for a yoga retreat?  In July 2018, I am headed to Gautemala with my friend Lisa Gulotta for a Yoga & Service Retreat and then Yoganand and I will be going to Fiji in October.  I am excited about both of these trips.  I also hope to visit Holland, New Zealand and some day the Galapegos!