Upcoming Trainings & Workshops

A Note About our 300-Hour Program:

Those working toward their 300-Hour Certification can keep track of their progress using this checklist.

We offer special pricing for repeat attendance at programs, and encourage students to repeat as often as you’d like. However, each program will only count once toward the 300-hour certification (link to main 300h page).

Repeat Attendance Pricing

  • $375 including materials fees for the 4/5-day programs
  • $255 including materials fees for the 3-day programs
 PKTA Members receive an additional discount for repeat attendance
  • $275 including materials fees for 4/5 day programs
  • $150 including materials fees for 3-day programs

Students may register at any time, however, if minimum numbers at Regular or Early Bird pricing are not met by the Early Bird deadline, the program may be cancelled. Contact info@pranakriya.com to register for Repeat Attendance pricing.