My Amma’s Quick Veggie Curry (Amma is my mum)

Cook the following veggies (add your own, or subtract the ones you don’t want) in salt water with 1 tsp. Turmeric, 1 1/2 tsp. Chile powder, 1 Tbsp. Coriander Powder.

– half a handful diced potatoes

– half a handful chopped florets of cauliflower- floret size should be small

– half a handful of green beans

– half a handful of carrots diced

– half a handful of red round radish chopped in half

– half a handful of chopped onions

– half a handful of chopped cabbage

– half a handful of bell pepper

When the veggies are cooked thoroughly (but not overcooked to the point that they all get mushed together, you don’t want that – you still want individual veggies), turn off the heat. Drain the spiced water into a bowl and add coconut milk powder to make a thick flavored coconut gravy. Mix thoroughly till all the powder clumps are gone. Then pour them over the cooked veggies, add more salt if needed and slow heat for five to ten minutes. Switch off the stove, garnish with fresh curry leaves. You can eat it like a soup with bread on the side. Or you can use it like a curry with Indian Rotis or Rice.


Enjoy, Bon Appetit!