There is a special bond between Pranakriya yogis. It’s because of the journey we take together ~ through our darkness and into our light. The journey is rich in compassion, love, and respect. We share that with our students, who in turn share it with others. Each Pranakriya student carries with them traces of the Pranakriya ‘DNA’ which was deeply planted by Yoganand, and before him by Swami Kripalu. Wherever I travel, seeing another Pranakriya yogi makes my heart smile. We share a common bond.

I recently attended a Friday night class of our current YTT program at The Yoga Center. I had planned to be in Atlanta for Yoganand’s Meditation program at Santosha studio, however a newly rescued pup needed my presence. As class began, Vlad’s words invited us to settle-in to a comfortable seated position, lengthen the spine, take a deep breath in and release with a sigh. As I heard those calming, peaceful words that I have heard and said so many times before, I became aware that at perhaps the same moment, Yoganand was probably saying those same words in Atlanta settling everyone in to the Meditation program. At that moment, I felt so connected to everyone in the room and beyond – to all the others who were just settling in to a Pranakriya class or program. I realized how vast our Pranakriya community truly is. Regardless of the miles between us, we are all connected by Pranakriya.

What does the Pranakriya community mean to me? It means wherever I may meet another member of the Pranakriya community I know that I am welcomed, supported, encouraged. It means my life is full of kindred spirits, as we all lovingly support each other on our journey ~ Close your eyes. Go inside. The journey begins there. Jai Bhagwan.