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These upcoming programs are unique workshops, day-long, weekend and week long retreats from our Directors that don’t fall under one of our certification programs.

Pranayama - The Basics and Beyond

Director: Yoganand Michael Carroll
Dates: November 17-19, 2017
Cost: $300, earlybird: $250 by October 17, 2016
Materials Fee: $15

Location:  Verge Yoga Center 

Program Description:
The ancient practice of Pranayama was designed to systematically lead students into deep states of spiritual experience and transcendent awareness. In this weekend program we will explore pranayama techniques and philosophy. We will see how the many different pranayama techniques fit together to generate deep transformative experience and how these experiences were intended to be understood and cultivated. We will begin at the beginning, covering the basics of yoga breathing and progress to understanding, and where appropriate, practicing more advanced breathing exercises.

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Pranakriya Immersion Weekend with Yoganand Michael Carroll - Salt Tree Yoga

Yoganand_20160621-1Director(s): Yoganand Michael Carroll
Dates: December 8-10, 2017

Location: Salt Tree Yoga Studio, Ottawa, IL

Program Times:

Friday evening class 6:30-8:30pm
Saturday 9:00-5:00pm                                                                                                                      Sunday 9:00-3:00pm

Program Cost: $250 for Full Weekend
$30 Friday Evening
$130 per day

Program Description:

Spend a weekend immersed in Pranakriya Yoga. Explore postures, pranayama, meditation, history, philosophy and deepen your relationship with yourself. This weekend combines both lecture and experiential practices to further your understanding of the Pranakriya lineage of yoga.

The weekend begins with a long, meditative yoga practice on Friday night. Saturday will include learning two intermediate pranayamas and incorporating them into a meditation practice. You will also explore the history of Pranakriya Yoga with a focus on Swami Kripalu. Sunday, we will deepen our practices of meditation as well as learn the difference between the verticalist and horizontalist paths of yoga.

Pranakriya’s meditative yoga class has an emphasis on physical sensation and breath awareness. It is at a slower pace with longer holding of postures to raise prana, and uses basic postures. This class is suitable for all levels of students looking for a more internal practice.

Pranakriya’s gentle yoga class is appropriate for students new to yoga as well as elderly individuals and those with injuries.  The focus is stress release and gentle stretching.  It is intended to be a very internal class.


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Churning the Body, Freeing the Heart A Tantric Hatha Yoga Retreat

Yoganand_20160621-1Director(s): Yoganand Michael Carroll
Dates: December 22–24, 2017

For students with min. 6 months of yoga experience.

The yoga tradition assumes that we each develop a persona to fit into the world and then forget that we are more than that persona. Yogic techniques—known as chalana, or churning—energetically disturb the persona, opening the possibility to reform it again and again, each time a little closer to who we really are. When the difference between the persona and our true self becomes small enough, we can take refuge in the ultimate truth of our being.

Release your old identity and move toward truth in a retreat that immerses you in Intermediate and advanced asana, pranayama, and meditation. An exploration of yogic ideals to see what’s appropriate for contemporary practitioners. Yogic lifestyle and transformational experiences
A safe environment in which to connect with a community of practitioners.

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Yoga and the Path of No Regret

Yoganand_20160621-1Director(s): Yoganand Michael Carroll
Dates: December 25–29, 2017

For all levels.
Deepen your yoga practice through an understanding of the concept of spanda (pulsation) from Kashmir Shaivism, in which consciousness is seen as pulsating through time and space. When you tune into that pulsation, you act from a natural place inside yourself so your actions do not bind or cause suffering. Aligned with this inner flow, you live each moment fully, and when you leave it behind, you give yourself completely to the next moment without fear or regret.
Learn how asana and pranayama practice can attune you to spanda and how meditation can be an act of surrender to spanda as your deepest nature. This program includes early-morning practice led by Yoganand, study of ancient yogic texts, and discussions about applying what you learn here to everyday life.


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Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts offers teacher trainings, retreats, classes and workshops that explore the ancient practices of Tantra Hatha Yoga. We encourage all students to practice with focus at a level to both humble and inspire their lives. We work to foster an open and accepting community of growth, healing and transformation that invites all practitioners to listen deeply and to respectfully follow their own soul’s dharma. Our mission is to support humanity, become more fully alive and live attuned to Prana.


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