Dear Friends of Pranakriya, 

 The year has presented us all with a number of opportunities to unwrap the gifts of yoga.  It is our sincere hope that you have been blessed with the gift of flexibility and strength and have been able to teach from whichever platform has been available and necessary. We know you have had to balance many demands placed upon you during this pandemic year as you work, teach and learn from home. May you experience fortitude of spirit to manage the burdens that might have been placed upon you and your family. Finally, we hope you are able to find focus in all you do when so many distractions pull us away from our priorities of health and family.


Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts (PKSYHA) has been challenged, too, by the circumstances 2020 has presented. Despite the financial, technological and organizational obstacles, we feel stronger than ever and are ready to continue to make available the programming established by Yoganand and developed by so many wonderful teachers.  


In 2020,  twenty-nine (29) students graduated from our 200-hr YTT including our first ever virtual graduations!  Eleven (13) students completed their 300-hr and PK graduated the first student from the newly established 95-hour PK Kids Yoga Teacher Training. We are pleased to announce, despite a challenging year for us all, we made it a priority and were able to offer four scholarships. 


As you prepare for brighter days in 2021, please review the full curriculum of programming on our website. In addition to three 200-hour YTT’s and a nearly full catalog of 300-hour courses, we are also offering very relevant and timely “Teaching Yoga Online” workshops, immersions, and yoga classes with our Program Directors.  


As you consider your end of year deductible giving opportunities, please consider making a charitable donation to Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts, in support of our ongoing effort to bring the authentic yoga teachings of Swami Kripalu and Yoganand Michael Carroll to the forefront of diverse communities and the yoga world. Please also tell your associates, friends, family and other persons and businesses of our enriching work and appeal for necessary continued non-profit funding. Part of our strategic plan for 2021 is to grow our scholarship fund and increase the number of academic scholarships awarded, especially for diverse populations that may not have ready access to these opportunities. Additionally, we are researching opportunities to bring anti-racism education to our students and teachers. 


Please designate Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts as your Amazon Smile non-profit recipient. PKSYHA received over $65 in rewards this year and $859 to date from participant spending. Participating in the AmazonSmile program is free to all Amazon customers and makes the donation to PKSYHA as a percentage of your purchases as a recognized charity in the AmazonSmile system.   


On behalf of the Board, we thank you for all of your support, and wish you a healthy and safe holiday season,



In peace and light,


Emily Gretz

Board President, PKSYHA