The Benefit of Boring by Catherine Striegel

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for my nine-month-old daughter since the day she was born, and I can tell you that before she was born, I had a significant amount of fear surrounding this prospect. I was afraid of being bored, afraid that my mind would turn to mush,...

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My Journey to YTT by Amber Seale

It started with a maybe…maybe I will teach yoga after YTT.  To be honest, I wasn’t certain if I would teach after my training.  My original intent was a deeper dive for my personal practice, an exploration of my love of yoga to learn more about myself. It seems the...

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Courage by Amy Necci

My word of 2018 is courage.  Each January, I choose a word that speaks to my intentions for the coming year.  I started doing this when a friend recommended the book One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page.  My attention goes to...

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True North by Lori Henry

I recently listened to a podcast interview with a well-known and long-time Ashtanga teacher, and I was struck by the comment he made that he’s “just a beginner in this thing.” I was very intrigued by the teacher’s journey through deep meditation practice, traveling...

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Q&A with Swami Kriplau

This month we are looking at a question posed to Swami Kriplau about the idea of Brahmacharya - moderation. Question to Swami Kripalu:  Explain the significance of bramacharya on our path. Answer:  The great power attained through kundalini yoga can only be attained...

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Lessons from Nature by Lori Henry

Have you ever had the experience of something important hitting you unexpectedly? Maybe a light bulb moment or a revelation? I had an experience like that a few months ago. What grabbed my attention that day was a patch of bramble. It was a fairly chilly day in the...

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Q&A with Swami Kripalu during his time at Sumneytown, PA

This month we are looking at a question posed to Swami Kriplau about practical ways to control desire. Question to Swami Kripalu: What are some practical ways to control desires? Answer:  Self observation is the key.  This is the sum total of the entire spiritual...

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Meet Guest Writer Catherine Striegel

This year we invited PK teachers to share thoughts, stories and articles with us.  As a way of introduction, we asked each writer to share their answers to the following questions: what brought you to the mat as a student and teacher? what inspires you to keep...

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Q&A with Swami Kripalu from his time at Sumneytown

Question to Swami Kripalu:  You told us that strong prana is necessary to succeed in yoga.  How can I develop strong prana? Answer:  Prana can be strengthened in many different ways.  Each seeker is different and the correct method should be used for each seeker....

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