“The Look” by Stephanie Gaines-Bryant

When she walked into the yoga studio, she gave me “the look” as I welcomed her. The woman appeared to be in her late 20’s, but I’ve seen “the look” on white faces young and old. It’s the,” I didn’t know you were black look.”

My Practice Personified

It seems my yoga practice is showing up right in front of me over this past month and a half somewhat more than usual. In times like these I’m grateful for this faithful friend that gives me the ability to step back and witness all that’s happening in this sometimes overanalyzing mind of mine – even if it takes a few stages to get there. One thing is true, the Yamas and Niyamas have been almost like neon signs flashing in my eyes as I navigate life during this pandemic, assuring me that they’re still open for business, showing me the variety of ways they will serve me.


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Creating a path to inner awareness through the practice of yoga. 

Our Mission

The Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts provides transformative yoga instruction rooted in Tantric Hatha traditions for the modern Western practitioner.  We share these deep practices to enrich our community, creating a path to become more fully alive on and off the mat


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