What does the Pranakriya Community Mean to Me?

David Brooks, wrote in The Atlantic about extended family: “Extended families have two great strengths. The first is resilience. …The second great strength of extended families is their socializing force.” These struck me as two great strengths of community as well. (In fact, isn’t family a community after all?)

What does the Pranakriya Community Mean to Me?

When I taught Modern History one of my favorite textbooks was called Who Built America? If we had a comparable book about Who Built Pranakriya, it might look a little different than the official history in our manuals. There are people who completed their 200-hour YTT at Yoganand’s house…

Breath by Emily Gretz

“Whoever relies on the breath has obtained a key to yoga and has taken a good path.” – Swami Kripalu

Today is my youngest child’s 19th birthday and I am called to reflect on breath as life-giving. How awesome an experience it is to give birth and watch a child take her first breath in the world. There is an expectation in the delivery room amongst the doctors and family members, before the child enters the world and makes a sound. Collectively,


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Creating a path to inner awareness through the practice of yoga. 

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The Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts provides transformative yoga instruction rooted in Tantric Hatha traditions for the modern Western practitioner.  We share these deep practices to enrich our community, creating a path to become more fully alive on and off the mat


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