Breath by Emily Gretz

“Whoever relies on the breath has obtained a key to yoga and has taken a good path.” – Swami Kripalu

Today is my youngest child’s 19th birthday and I am called to reflect on breath as life-giving. How awesome an experience it is to give birth and watch a child take her first breath in the world. There is an expectation in the delivery room amongst the doctors and family members, before the child enters the world and makes a sound. Collectively,

Exerting Effort Where it Isn’t Needed by Abby Bordner

I wondered how often in my life am I exerting effort to make something happen when it’s not actually needed? I can easily go into auto pilot and think I need to keep doing, doing, doing in order to make things happen in my life. I most certainly will exhaust myself with all my efforts but the fact of the matter is that there are situations that don’t require it.

Lessons From Arjuna by Yoganand Michael Carroll

To be a yogi is to embrace the eternal part of us, but we find our eternal self by being present to the little things in our lives that take effort to see. We may language it differently and practice it in a variety of ways, but what makes us yogis is being present with what we find on the mat, experiencing it fully, and then moving on to the next experience.

The Inspired and Inspiring Teacher by Jacci Gruninger

We all know what it is like to be in a class and the teacher says the perfect thing for us in that moment or maybe it was just the right asana, pranayama or meditation practice. I’m sure as teachers you have been told you’ve done this by your own students. Sometimes it might be planned and other times it might just happen spontaneously and you don’t even consider what it was or how it happened.


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